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 Cristina M. Slusariuc’s Review

Isabella Church, the author of the LOL romantic comedy novel, Angry Movie Guy, is coming out with her first children’s book, Dr. Pookie and The case of his Missing Thought. Even if the book seems to be meant for the little ones, guess what?! Anyone can read it – you never know when you can lose your thought, right? It’s better to be prepared.

What I mostly enjoyed in Isabella’s book was the way she combined the present – marked by the social media -, with a tone of fine humor and life lessons about friendship that every child should grow up with.

Secondly, I admired the fact that even if it’s a children’s book and it’s easy to read, I had the chance as a grown up, to purely enjoy it and in the same time, to develop my vocabulary and to learn new words, due to the mini-dictionary that the books contains at the end.

The author presents the story of Dr. Pookie – the single most modern man-bear in the Little Royal Forest, as the newspapers describe…. him….

 Melissa’s (lissaaniela) Review

Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought is a humorous, sweet and entertaining read. Dr. Pookie, a man-bear who has graced the cover of BQ Magazine, has bags full of character and charisma added to wonderfully written comedic timing.

This innocent make believe world is full of characters who are both amusing and illustrated in interesting artwork which adds to the vibrancy of the story. The simple yet imaginative plot is pleasantly narrated. The story is fun, and like all good children’s books, has humour appealing to all ages.

From luxury man caves, anecdotes at parties, to sweet friendships, Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought is charming in every way. Highly recommended to those who love stories about lovable, silly bears and their companions.

Marten Kayle’s Reviews

Izzy Church has done it again! I give this book Two Bear Paws Up….. it is a big roar out loud experience….

I had the great pleasure to read Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought. My thought about this book is that you should read it. Its entertaining for adults and children alike. Who hasn’t had that one thought that they just could not remember….. This book has a unique storyline about a hip, fun, story telling bear and his forest friends. Every child should have the chance to read or hear this story.


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Rose Studer’s Review

I was quite impressed with Izzy Church and her ability to write, not only a romantic comedy, Angry Movie Guy, but also a fun-loving children’s book. Dr.Pookie is a considerate bear who lives with his animal friends in the Royal Forest. Due to his charismatic ways, many articles are written about him-both with a positive and sometimes negative twist.

Being a considerate bear, the negative articles begin to affect him and he seeks to find a way to eliminate any bad publicity by having a grand celebration where all the animals of the Royal Forest are invited.

The party is a great success but not without a bit of quiet time in order for Dr. Pookie to tell one of his favorite stories,”Dr. Pookie and the Case of the Missing Thought.” Here Dr. Pookie brings in his special friends and gives everyone a warm feeling of true and lasting friendship. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys light and fun-filled reading.

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